Your ideal fractional solution

♦ Skin resurfacing
♦ Skin rejuvenation
♦ Skin tightening
♦ Acne scar correction

Ibuki Health offers the latest in skin resurfacing technology. Viora’s innovative, non-invasive technology is a multiple layered treatment that is effective, safe and carries minimal risk with little discomfort.

Now you can revitalise your skin, reduce pigmentation, minimise existing acne scars and enhance your looks with a smooth appearance. Viora offers skin tightening, skin resurfacing, hair removal and skin rejuvenation solutions in a personalised package to change the way you look and feel about yourself, without any of the risks of surgery.

Results are visible from the first treatment, though a course of three to six treatments is recommended to achieve long lasting results.

Each procedure is personalized to the patient, treatment area and specific requirement.

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