♦ H2O Therapy increases the level of oxygen at a cellular level and has been proven to regenerate and restore healthy tissue.
♦ The fundamental cause of tissue degeneration is lack of oxygen caused by stress, illness, disease or injury.
♦ Every cell in the body needs oxygen to complete the metabolic processes that give us life energy.
♦ Oxygen gives the athlete stamina, helps the injured heal, and protects us from environmental toxins.

Only 10% of our energy comes from our food and water, while the remaining 90% comes from oxygen.

Oxygen is used for all of the body's essential functions. The brain, for example, which is only two per cent of our total weight, uses more than 20% of the body's oxygen.

If the body's intake of oxygen is insufficient the body will be thrown out of balance. In today's world, the most important factor that causes diminished oxygen intake is pollution. Cooked, processed and canned food also tends to be lower in oxygen content, as are foods that are higher in fat.

Symptoms that may result from an imbalanced oxygen flow include:
♦ premature ageing
♦ depression
♦ anger
♦ fatigue
♦ dullness and a general feeling of sluggishness

If the imbalance is chronic, the immune system is weakened and we are left more susceptible to germs, viruses and disease. Bacteria, toxins, viruses and parasites cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.

A one hour session in our hyperbaric oxygen chamber costs $85 with discounted packages available for multiple sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments each individual will require depends on the state of an injury or the time a disease has been present.

There are benefits to be had from every session where exposure to higher than normal levels of oxygen takes place. When in the chamber, an individuals oxygen levels are boosted by up to 400%. This acts as a sanitiser in helping to rid the body of bacteria and viruses.

What do I wear?

You can wear any clothing which is loose fitting and comfortable to lie down in. One hour in this environment is equivalent of 4 hours of quality sleep. Cologne and other perfumes should not be worn.

How does H2O therapy work?

Our hyperbaric chamber is a simple pressurised enclosure that allows the person inside to experience greater than normal atmospheric pressures. The pressure, combined with ambient air purified to 89-93%, forces the oxygen to dissolve into the body’s fluids and travel to areas of the body otherwise difficult to reach.

The dissolved oxygen saturates the plasma, the lymph, the synovial (joint) fluid and the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy activates the white blood cells to fight infection, promoting resistance to infection, as well as wound healing. It also helps to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

Our state of the art hyperbaric chamber is spacious enough to accommodate an adult and child, offering a comfortable environment that you can listen to your favourite music, read a book, use your mobile phone or laptop or simply relax and ...breathe in the benefits.

What are the benefits of increased oxygen levels in the body?

♦ Oxygen provides the fuel needed by the brain to function properly
♦ Helps the body to fight off infection by boosting the immune system
♦ Assists in post operative healing and sporting injury recovery
♦ Aids in the treatment of chronic disease and maximizes the benefits of other modalities
♦ Promotes accelerated and enhanced wound healing
♦ Decreases post-operative inflammation and infection and encourages normal healing processes
♦ Is an adjunctive therapy in sports medicine to accelerate recovery for athletes.

Other benefits to mild hyperbaric oxygen, include:
♦ improved strength, energy and endurance
♦ relieves tension and stress
♦ improved concentration and memory
♦ detoxifies the blood
♦ promotes healing and counters ageing
♦ strengthens heart and lungs
♦ natural remedy for headaches and migraines
♦ improves metabolism and aids digestion
♦ reduces fatigue and improves sleeping patterns
♦ relieves muscle stiffness
♦ improves skin conditions

Is H2O Therapy safe?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a safe, drug-free therapy that can be used regularly without any danger of oxygen toxicity. Thousands of people have had dramatic, sometimes life changing, improvements in their conditions as a result of using mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Proponents for hyperbaric therapy include numerous doctors, health care providers and individuals for whom this therapy has been beneficial.

No dangerous side effects have been reported with mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Some individuals can experience a minor contraindications including slight fatigue as the body detoxifies (this is safe and necessary). A person can also experience a mild discomfort to the ears when pressurising the chamber - similar to the experience of ascending or descending in an aircraft.

The Hypo2 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber has been included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as a medical device class llb.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment takes place inside a specially-designed inflatable chamber that uses ambient air with an additional oxygen concentrator to deliver oxygen to the body safely. The chamber inflates within one minute and upon full inflation there will be enough room to sit upright or to lie down comfortably. There is enough room for an adult and small child to be in the chamber at the same time.

After the inflation, the chamber will pressurise and this is a similar feeling to ascending or descending in a plane. Once at full pressure, you just breathe normally. You may take a book or magazine into the chamber, meditate, listen to music or simply sleep.

Depending on your personal health goal, each treatment usually lasts for one or two hours although longer periods can be safely undertaken if desired. After treatment you can carry on with your day as normal.

How much does it cost?

A one hour session in our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber costs $85 with discounts available for multiple session bookings.

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