Bio-Identical Hormones are plant - derived hormones that are biologically identical to those naturally occurring in the body. The value of such therapy is that treatment can be designed specifically to meet the requirements of the individual.

The aim of treatment with bio-identical hormones to ensure tissue and blood levels reach and maintain a hormonal level within the therapeutic range. This is achieved using low dosages for increased safety.

At IBUKI we use bio-identical hormones produced by professional compounding pharmacists under strict guidelines.

These compounds can then be administered in a number of ways: ♦ troches (lozenges) ♦ topical and vaginal creams ♦ gels ♦ pessaries.

Through a thorough assessment and consultation with our doctors, you will achieve an individualized program that may also involve lifestyle changes to support stress management and weight stability. A low-stress, nutritious, diet and exercise regime are complementary to this treatment.

If you are suffering with symptoms related to hormone deficiency it is believed bio-identical hormones are a safer alternative to synthetic hormones, especially when combined with blood and/or salivary testing.

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